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In addition to being experts in software, our team is comprised of senior consultants who will analyse the needs and areas for improvement of your business so that you can get the most out of the digitalisation process.

We offer effective, bespoke and competitive solutions to optimise processes in all companies and industries aiming to make technological advances. We will help you get to where you want to go!

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An enterprise application must go by client's way. Customization provides that personalized experience in an application focusing on the client’s requirements and ideas. Odoo provides a fully functional package to meet up an enterprise requirement, but there will be always an extra required by the clients. 

We deliver high end customization services so that customers get the full benefit of using their application, there by achieving the business goals. Extending Odoo's modular approach, our technical team assist you to achieve your all desired needs.

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Odoo ERP Support and maintenance is an integral service provided by CU. Our team comprising both functional consultants and technical support caters to all range of problems you ask for. 

We help you to identify different kinds of technical issues which you face in your company and guide them with proper solutions. Our experienced and technically qualified team provides numerous supports via customizing, documenting, bug fixing, guiding, and other allied supports. We provide numerous services to users in Odoo.